Breakfast Menu Serving Monday through Saturday 7am - 3pm Breakfast served all day! 920-694-0322 Take out available SAVORY OMELETTE / EGG WHITE OMELETTE All natural three-egg or egg white omelettes  served with your choice of homemade toast:  Rustic White, Whole Wheat 7 Grain, Gluten Free The Garden  $11.95 Peppers, spinach, mushroom, onion. The Sheboygan  $12.95 Ham, bacon, cheddar. Rancho Grande  $13.95 Chorizo, queso blanco, peppers, onion, salsa verde. Three Cheese  $11.95 Local chevre, Gouda, and Snowfield’s Butterkase. PAIR O’ EGGS Two farm fresh eggs with your choice of toasted homemade bread or English muffin. Served with your choice of local bacon, ham, sausage, chicken sausage, or vegetarian sausage.  $9.95   FRITTATA An open-faced omelette with  fresh vegetables, local chevre cheese, and topped with greens.  $9.50 EGGS BENEDICT Poached Yuppie Hill eggs and Willow Creek Farms ham served on top of a sprouted grain English muffin. Topped with an herbed local cheese sauce and served with a side of mixed greens.  $10.95 SUNRISE Yuppie Hill egg, Widmer’s cheddar and your choice of Willow Creek Farm ham, bacon, sausage, or veggie sausage. Choice of a homemade buttermilk biscuit, City Bakery hard roll, or a Parker House roll.  $9.25  “THE BIG JOHN” This was Stefano’s dad’s favorite! House-made chicken sausage, local egg, Alpine cheese, and onions served onhouse made toasted bread or Parker House roll.   $9.25 BREAKFAST BURRITO Scrambled eggs, chorizo, tico rice and beans, veggie potato hash, and guacamole. Topped with tomatillo salsa and queso blanco cheese. Vegetarian chorizo also available.  $14.95 BREAKFAST TACOS Corn tortillas, scrambled eggs, local quesadilla cheese and homemade chorizo. Topped with onions and cilantro.  Served with homemade tomatillo salsa.  $10.95 “TICO” (A COSTA RICAN EXTRAVAGANZA!) Two eggs, tico rice and beans, local queso blanco cheese, and homemade tomatillo salsa.  $11.50 Add house-made pork chorizo $5.00     Add guacamole $1.75 VEGETARIAN SAMPLER Potato hash, fresh fruit, and a vegan sausage patty.  $12.50 BREAKFAST TACOS Corn tortillas, scrambled eggs, local quesadilla cheese and homemade chorizo. Topped with onions and cilantro.  Served with homemade tomatillo salsa.  $10.95 BISCUITS AND GRAVY Homemade buttermilk biscuit served with pork sausage gravy.  $9.50 Add an egg!  $2.00   SWEET PANCAKES Two buttermilk pancakes made with local white, buckwheat, and whole wheat  flours with local maple syrup.  $6.50 Additions Blueberry  $7.50   Chocolate Chip  $7.50 Blueberry and Chocolate Chip  $8.50 FRENCH TOAST Caramelized crème brulee style French toast made with Stefano’s house-made Italian bread. Served with local syrup.  $9.95 OATMEAL Made with rolled organic oats, Wisconsin milk, and brown sugar.  $6.50 FULLY LOADED OATMEAL A stacked up version of our oatmeal plate with granola and seasonal fruit.  $10.00 GRANOLA & YOGURT Field to Fork’s homemade granola with grass-fed Greek yogurt, and fresh fruit, drizzled with local honey.  $8.50 SIDES A LOCAL EGG  $2.00 WILLOW CREEK HAM  $3.00 WILLOW CREEK BACON  $3.00 HOUSE BREAKFAST SAUSAGE  $3.00 HOUSE-CHICKEN SAUSAGE  $3.00 VEGGIE POTATO HASH  $4.50 SEASONAL FRESH FRUIT  $5.95 TOMATILLO SALSA  $1.50 FRESH GUACAMOLE  $1.75 PEANUT BUTTER  $1.00 HOMEMADE TOAST  $2.50 BEVERAGES (ALL COFFEE IS FAIR TRADE/SHADE GROWN, AND ROASTED IN HOUSE!) Field to Fork coffee / decaf  $2.50 Cold Pressed Coffee (no refill)  $2.50 Cappuccino  $3.50 Mocha Cappuccino=  $4.50 Espresso / Double Espresso  $2.50 / $3.00 Macchiato (Espresso with light steamed milk)  $3.00 Americano  $3.00 Latte   $4.00 Milk (Plain or Chocolate)  $2.00 Hot “Indulgences” Chocolate  $5.00 Hot Tea (assorted)  $2.50 Iced Tea  $2.50 Chai Tea Latte  $4.00 Fountain Soda (no refill)  $2.00 Sprecher Root Beer  $3.00 Bottled Waters (Acqua Panna or San Pellegrino)  $2.50 / $5.00 Draft Beers (ask your server) Wine list/full service bar available RAW JUICE BAR Field to Fork Morning Blend (Carrot, apple, lemon, and ginger)  $5.50 “Ironman” Beet It (Beets, apple, carrot, lemon, and ginger)  $5.50 Spring Green (Fennel, lemon, apple, and celery)  $5.50 Simply Carrot (Carrot, lots and lots of carrot!)  $5.50 Orange Juice (Fresh squeezed)  $3.00 / $4.00 Farmer’s Daughter (Apple, celery, carrot, spinach, kale, lemon, and wheatgrass)  $6.50 Green Drink (Apple or Pear, lemon, ginger, wheatgrass, and spinach)  $6.50 Locally Grown Wheatgrass (served in a shot glass)  $5.00 SMOOTHIES Made with Greek Yogurt  $6.95 Berry (Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, banana, and apple juice) Cherry (Cherry, banana, and black cherry juice) Peach (Peach, apricot, banana, and mango juice) Tropical (Mango, peach, banana, pineapple juice, and coconut water) Non-Dairy  $7.95 Lassi (Banana, kefir, turmeric, ginger, honey and lemon) Mediterranean (Beet juice, kefir, spinach, cherry, and banana) PB² (PB², Maca powder, banana, almond milk, and date) Green Java (Banana, wheatgrass, coconut water, and orange juice) (All smoothies and juices are 8oz) Add a Super Food Booster   $.50 Flaxseed (source of Omega-3) Oatmeal (source of fiber) Avocado (source of Omega-3) Chia Seeds (source of Omega-3, complete source of protein) We gladly take reservations for parties 6 or more. Last Update 8.2.17
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